Book list

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This is a list that will attempt to summarize the books I have read. I will limit the scope to non-fiction books in order to keep the list somewhat manageable. I will also only include books I have finished, or at least very thoroughly skimmed if they have proven themselves terrible. Only books that have been published will be included(aka things with ISBN), so sadly lots and lots of manuals, technical papers, tutorials, reviews,blogs,journals,studies and eBooks will be left out(which in all honesty probably amounts in more written word volume than the books). To state the obvious, also not included will be any number of books I have read in the past and can not recollect, a lot of them likely because I have read in Bulgarian or simply because I had read them so long ago. So this is by no means a complete list, I will however attempt to add as many as I can remember to have previously read and keep adding if others come to mind. Of course I will do my best to keep the list fully updated with what I read from this point on. This will be a very eclectic collection indicative of my interest in just about every damn thing. I in no way recommend all these books or endorse all of their ideas … I am however a firm believer that something can be gleaned from every source, even if it happens that it is the exact opposite of what the author intended. Don’t get me wrong however many of books listed here are awesome. I might at some point make a short(ish) list with books I have found especially wonderful and/or impactful that I will link here if done. Phewwwwww that was long winded, maybe I should have been a lawyer !